Poem on Healthy food

Poem on Healthy Food: As young children do not eat vegetables, fruits, and nutritious food and eat junk food like burgers and pizza, they have been motivated to eat healthy food and food at the right time through this poem. Kids will memorize this poem and get a good lesson too.

Poem on Healthy Eating Habits

Eat your food at the proper times,

What mummy cooks is really fine.

Vegetables and fruits are all nice,

They will make you strong and wise.

The taste of the junk food

will make you crazy

but don’t take them

As it will make you lazy. 

Poem on Healthy Food

Healthy food Healthy food
who are you?
I am the one that is
good for you
I make you grow tall and strong
and give you energy
All day long
Junk food Junk food
who are you?
I am the one that is
bad for you
I make you weak
and very sick
You become lazy
and no more quick.

Good Eating Habits poem

Eat healthy food every day
to keep us strong all the way
fruits and veggies are here to stay
so throw that junk food away
Run and jump more today
skip and dance along the way
if we have eaten all our food
Then in all our work, we will be good
Burger and fries no no no
Tomatoes and Apples have a go
to keep us Healthy all the way
and hold that sickness all the bay

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